Matija Veber


Web developer, project manager, music teacher, guitarist

I'm a web developer with experience in design, development, implementation and maintenance, both in front-end and back-end. UX is always important. So is a nap. And having fun. I'm working with html, css, javascript, jquery, php, mysql and real people. I'm also working on making previous sentence longer. I like hard problems, they make me learn. My heart's in beat with rock & roll and my soul is friend with jazz. I play guitar and I always wanted to do something with music. That's why I teach private music lessons. Ability to put pieces together reflects in my project management skills. I'm a creator of ThermeSpa, a lifestyle oriented website with spa resorts. My other noteworthy projects are: Travel agency Ojla, Elektro Celje, Elektro Celje Energija, Thermana Laško and other small projects. I was born in Slovenia. I'm a husband and a father. If you think we can create something together, let's meet for a drink.